Live at Launch

by Pete Barnardo

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A few tracks from 'Turn My Gaze Up' album launch


released September 26, 2015

Guitar & vocals: Pete Barnardo
Guitar: Jon To
Drums: Josh Wisker
Bass: Matt Cooper



all rights reserved


Pete Barnardo London, UK

Pete Barnardo is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Having produced gospel-rock fusion EP 'We Believe' by Kuria Amoyaw (Jan 2014), he then went on to produce his own 12-piece 'Turn My Gaze Up', released July 25th 2015.

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Track Name: Explosions in the Sky (Live at Launch)
Everyday I look for something to give my heart for
Cardboard cut-out life is through, there's got to be more
I can't hide behind the dark, it's all the same to You
I'll take Your word under the rain, it's all I can do

How precious are Your thoughts about me
Like explosions in the sky
How wonderful, You've given me
A celebration in Your eyes

Everyday I look for someone to see right through me
The secrets of this life laid bare, and I'll be free
So search me out and know my heart, and all its weakness
Take me on this path of life and I will see this through
Track Name: The Battle (Live at Launch)
I take on my sword and shield for the fight that lies before me
I put on my helmet for I know the One who I belong to
I put on my breastplate, it is mine but it don't come from me
I strap on my belt and leather boots for any ground beneath my feet

And I walk out in Your joy
And I hold my head up high
‘Cause I got Your strength inside of me
And my brothers by my side

But I'm holding fast to You
Yes I'm holding fast to You

And the battle it is hidden
It ain't fought between two men
And it's out there on the streets
And it's underneath my skin
Track Name: Hanging Here (Live at Launch)
Hey there, what you looking for?
Hey there, what you chasing after?

The world is searching for a hope and turning inside out
They're chasing after trophies and they're fighting for a crown
While we're hanging here, at the bottom of the world
We're just hanging here, at the top of everything

Hey there, what you hoping for?
Hey there, why you rushing like you do?

The world is turning upside down, the lowest are on top
The highest are brought down and brought back up again by love
While we're hanging here, at the bottom of the world
We're just hanging here, at the top of everything

We need to simplify, simplify, simplify our lives
Simplify, simplify, simplify our lives